7 Card Stud Poker Tutorial

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7-card stud is one variant of poker. It is the most popular type of poker until the not well-known Texas Hold ’em rise into popularity and took the crown from 7 card stud.

Although 7-card stud is not as popular before, many are still playing this kind of poker. In playing the game, a lot of patience is needed. All your hard work will eventually pay off. Just think of the rewards that awaits you.

To play this exciting game, it is important to know how the game works. Learning the game is one-step closer in mastering 7-card stud poker. However, practice makes perfect and the effective way to master it is to learn it by heart.

So let us get serious and start your lesson on 7-card stud.

In 7-card stud, the game will not begin if nobody posts an ante. The game will starts by posting an ante of each player. An ante is to make sure that the pot has money. Each player must post an enforced amount.

After the posting of ante, the dealer dealt the cards in each player. A dealer is the one responsible of giving the cards in each player. Since, 7-card stud has no community cards; the dealing of cards is done clockwise until all the players have three cards each. The dealing of card is at the time in each player.

The first two cards dealt are face down and the third card is face up. The face down card is the hole cards and the face up card is the door card.

There are five betting rounds on 7-card stud. Like the dealing of cards, betting is also done clockwise so each player has the chance to make a bet. The first player to make the bet is the player that got the lowest in a rank up card. The bet is called bring in.

If the bet is done, the players can raise, call, or fold. If two or more players have equally strong five card hands, the players that tie up will divide equally the pot.

Showdown in 7-card stud is done in the last round of betting. The player with the best cards on hands wins the pot.

There are so many things to learn in 7-card stud. This is just a part of your lesson on the game. Experience is the best way to sharpen your skill. However playing 7-card stud without even knowing the game is a suicidal thing to do. It is best especially for novice to know every aspect of the game.

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