A Blow-by-Blow Flow of a Texas Holdem Game

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Texas holdem is a community poker variant where players receive private hole cards and board cards to complete a five-card poker hand. Only two cards are private in accordance with Texas holdem game rules and players have the freedom of using five shared cards to complete a hand. These are placed on the board in between betting rounds and are called board or community cards. With these in mind, here’s how a Texas holdem game flows, blow-by-blow.

Posting of the blinds – Required or compulsory bets are placed by two consecutive players at the dealer’s left-hand side. The small blind’s placed by the first player, the amount of which is half of the minimum bet allowed at that poker table. The subsequent player then posts the big blind equal to the minimum bet allowed in that Texas holdem game.

Handing out hole cards/starting hands – The dealer passes to each player their two private hole cards or starting hands. They then make their moves starting with the one after the big blind poster and so on. Players may fold, call the big blind, or raise the stakes. When enduring players have placed equal amounts to the pot, community or shared cards are then revealed.

Revealing the flop – Three out of the five Texas holdem community cards or board cards are placed on the center of the poker table. After players have considered their hands, they proceed to make their moves beginning with the one to the dealer’s left. In this betting round, they may check, fold, or raise the stakes. When all remaining players have opted to check or have added the same amount to the pot, the next card is exposed.

Showing the turn – The fourth community or board card is given away and a round of betting starts again. The remaining player to the left-hand side of the dealer begins the betting round. When remaining players have either placed equal amounts to the pot or all have checked, the last shared card is shown.

Displaying the river – The last board card is exposed and the last betting round commences. Texas holdem game players, at this point, should have had made their five-card poker hand from the seven cards that they have. When players opt to stay in the hand by making the appropriate betting moves, the last phase commences.

Enter the showdown – Remaining players compare cards to see who has the highest ranking five-card poker hand. The winner is then acknowledged and awarded the pot.

Now, according to standard poker rules, the last player still in the hand at any point is considered the winner. That means winning can also be achieved by causing everyone else to fold before showdown is reached.

The blow-by-blow account of how a Texas holdem game flows covers six consecutive steps with betting rounds in between – from placing the blinds, distributing hole cards, seeing the flop, the turn, river and reaching showdown. And because a player can win at any point, not just at showdown, application of strategies and tactics are proven to be a necessary skill in poker which makes it one of the best card games to know and play.

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