On Having Enough Poker Chip Supply

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Doubling down, calling, and raising in poker takes a lot of betting chips. Here’s a practical way to manage betting chips in poker.

When are poker betting chips enough? If they run out, is it wise to buy chips again? A “rebuy” period in poker is beneficial to everyone at the poker table. It makes the players and the dealer have more to bet and have more to win. Well, it’s a good thing to have more than enough of poker betting chips during rebuy period (when everyone is given time to rebuy). It means the going has been good. But if the chips remaining seem only “enough” to last another poker session, it may be a good idea to take the rebuy period opportunity and reinforce the bankroll.

Betting time in poker is crucial. It pays to have the bankroll full to be able to position oneself well in negotiating for a win. When putting up a front in poker, like doubling down or raising, or simply calling, it adds up to the confidence of the player to have enough chips to throw into the pot. A miscalculated lack of betting chips may inevitably lead to an untimely fold.

A poker player may think that the previous session could have been favorable enough were it not for some factors that were overlooked but could have been easily warded off. The poker player feels certain that this time around, with enough poker skills, the pot could be won and the opponents can be handled. This is the best time to reinforce the poker bankroll and rebuy more betting chips. But if the poker player feels that the opponents are too good to be beaten, then the player might as well just finish off the remaining betting chips and then quit or look for a better poker table.

If the poker player feels that the opponents have only been lucky the past session, this is a good reason to stay in the game by rebuying more chips. With more chips in reserve, a better repositioning in the next poker game to beat all odds against—including the opponents’ luck—will be easier in place.

Finally, the mood of the poker player counts a lot. If the poker player has been dispirited, the best option is to quit rebuying. A steady supply in the bankroll is a goad to winning more in poker, but it also has to be weighed carefully.

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