Poker In the Beginning

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As one of the growing millions who enjoy playing poker, it is but then necessary to learn something about the history of this card game. Your curiosity is just among the many others who may somehow in a way wanting to learn the evolution of this game.

Introduction of Poker

Everything starts from something. In Poker, historians have not yet determined how poker game or who introduced the game. Until now, it historians are still debating on the history of the game. But, they say that poker resembles the game played by Persians. It was known as nas. According to historians, this Persian game could have reached New Orleans through the Persians sailors.


The name poker is thought to resemble the names of the game Poca or Pocket from Ireland and poque from France. However, historians are still wondering if the origin of poker is related with those fames from other countries. There are also other games which quite resembles the way poker is being played. Those games are the French brelan and the popular game during the Renaissance period called primero.

How did poker spread throughout the world?

In 1829, the earliest record of poker being played was found in New Orleans with four players betting on who has the most valuable hand using a deck of twenty cards. From New Orleans, the spread of poker was continued. A book by Jonathan Green suggested that the riverboats in Mississippi were largely behind the spread of the game. During those periods, gambling was one of the favorite pastimes of people.

Poker’s development

Soon after it was introduced and patronized by the American public, the historical events in the US also contributed to the development of poker. With the introduction of the 52-card deck, poker players enjoyed a new poker variant called flush. During the American Civil War, three other poker games were played. These include draw poker, stud poker and straight. In 1875, the wild card variant of poker was introduced and five years later the low ball and split-pot poker and other community card poker alternatives. From America, poker had started luring players in Asia due to the American soldiers who brought the game with them while on duty.

Since 1970, poker was further reintroduced with the establishment of poker tournaments all over the world. Books about playing poker were also made available in the market for new poker players who wanted to improve their poker playing skills.

And in the 21st century, with the coming of the internet age, poker became easily accessible to payers with the online version of the game.

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