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Rules, Tips & How to Play Craps

Most new players at Craps have a hard time when choosing the betting options to go with especially when they think that the other players in the table at least know what they are doing as compared to you. This is normal but you can over come this easily by understanding some of the simple ropes of playing Craps. Once you have learn how some of the basic rules you can concentrate on playing your best instead of worrying about your competitors.

How to buy the necessary chips: If you want to avoid some heart aches especially about cash, then do not just give the dealer the cash in exchange for chips. Instead place the cash on your table and the dealer will have to pass the money over to the box man, whose work is to count the dough and then announce the sum to everyone. It is only after this will the dealer give you your chips to wager with.

Bet Placing procedures: It is important to understand this process before hand if you do not want to look like a newbie. There are some bets that you can place the chips for yourself while there are others which only the dealer can place the chips for the bet. Bets which you can place on your own include: the big six and big eight bet, the come bet, the pass and don’t pass bets. Any other bet is placed by the dealer so give the dealer the chips you wish to play with and then tell him the wager which you like to go with.

Rolling the Dice: during the game you may be presented with dice to roll when making a bet. You have the option of doing it or not. If you opt to do it then you can do it yourself or just ask another player to do it for you. If the dice rolls and hits the chips that the box man has stacked on the table or the dice rolls off the table or hits the railing then the bet will be invalidated. This will result in the roll being done all over again.

Basic Bets in Craps: in Craps betting is done on the outcome of the 2 dice that you roll. A player will first make the pass or don’t pass wager. The wager is that the shooter will make the …